Some schools offer information technology bachelor’s degree programs with concentrations in database administration or management. The following page provides an overview of data administration and related career paths, including descriptions of daily tasks, key skills, and salary and job prospects by industry context and location. It also outlines recommended steps for aspiring data administrators and introduces continuing education platforms, job search tools, professional organizations, and other career development resources. Fortunately, database administrators can find many continuing education resources online.

sql dba developer

I have worked at companies of less than five employees and also Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, where I was one of several hundred thousand. Each of these experiences has prepared me for where I am in my journey today. So considering your SQL skills as one tool in your kit is a career catalyst. This leads to the other main SQL DBA responsibility; troubleshooting.

Daily Tasks

A database administrator is responsible for the databases for a particular company. They may be responsible for a single database, or a number of databases, depending on the size of the company and the number of other DBAs involved. First of all, before we get into the steps for becoming a database administrator, let’s learn what a DBA (database administrator) actually is. Many professionals transformed careers with better pay and higher positions.

That’s OK though, you’ll get to learn what’s involved and get some invaluable experience about database administration. An optional step for how to become a database administrator is to start with a role as a database developer. You don’t need to be a developer before you become an administrator, but I think the experience you get as a developer can really help see things from the other side. These challenges mean that it’s hard to design a generic DBA training course.

Managing SQL Server for a High-tech Company

It’s usually easier to get hired within your company than to look outside the company. It’s taught in some courses, but the knowledge you need for administration is more than just writing SQL. Being a database administrator means you need to know how to monitor, set up, and perform maintenance on these kinds of databases.

  • Most employees don’t have the certification as a requirement
    for the Database Administrator’s role.
  • Keep in mind that the specific hard skills for database administration typically vary by company, position, and project.
  • Some databases are even split among multiple servers in so-called ‘distributed setups.’ Some databases can get so complex that they need a DBA who focuses solely on performance improvement.
  • Lastly, you will be responsible for rolling out updates and ensuring the database run smoothly afterwards.
  • Because skill and knowledge requirements vary considerably among companies and industries, professionals often need to earn new credentials and certifications when getting a new job.

Learning about these topics will make you become a more effective DBA. If you’re interested in learning SQL online, you can read guide on online SQL tutorials here. Recently, I have joined in Mindmajix SQL Server DBA online training. Their team is working excellent with well-mannered trainers who are professionally e…

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